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Molly-A Rescued Pup

This photo of Molly is one of my favorite environmental shots. She is one of the pups rescued from euthanasia by the Last Chance Animal Rescue Fund when they were first founded in early 2009. I just love how she is alert to the activities just off camera, but remains calm and relaxed as she poses for the photo.

By the way, if you are looking for a puppy, the Last Chance Animal Rescue Fund is a great resource. They rescue pups about to be euthanized in southern state shelters, and bring them to New York and the Hamptons for adoption. Please support them if you can.

Molly for our Monday in May:


Molly at Ponquogue Beach

Mureille-Mascot for Senior Dogs

I met Mureille when she arrived for the 2009 Cody Award Great Dog award presentation ceremony. She was one of the runners up. Since that ceremony, in November 2008, I have learned that Mureille is now at the Rainbow Bridge. I have also learned that she is the mascot for a northeastern Pennsylvania based senior dog sanctuary, aptly named Mureilles Place.

As the parent of two senior dogs, this effort really hits home for us. Please support them if you can.

Mureille (don’t you just love how you can see her soul through her eyes?)


Mureille, mascot for Mureille's Place, a senior dog rescue center

Cutchogue Canine Classic 2010-May 15th-Meet the Puparazzi!

Pet Photos by the Puparazzi for $10 a print

Dogs from all over have set a date for May 15th to head out with their families to the 3rd Annual Cutchogue Canine Classic-a fun dog show where good breeding doesn’t necessarily mean best in show.  This event is the brain-child of Lynn Tonnessen and friends to celebrate the mutts, mongrels and Heinz 57s who may not have a stellar pedigree, but they do what dogs do best-love us like no one else does.  There are lots of ribbons to go around with contest for best lap dog, best athlete, the most macho, the most mature, and more! Details are here

This year The Puparazzi will be staffing the mobile studio all day and offering Pet Portraits on the spot for a steal at $10 a print!  So, even if your hound isn’t the competitive type, bring him down and put him in pictures (you can join him if you want).  This is the best price you’ll get on the North Fork or the Hamptons for a professional portrait made of your furriest best friend.

Here are some samples from the 2009 event.  Hope to see you, and your Pup, there!

Canine Classic 2009

An elegant gentleman who visited the Cutchogue Canine Classic in 2009

Just Jack

Dalmations are wonderful photographic subjects, thanks to their striking monochromatic coloring. ThePuparazzi Pic of the day is Jack, the fur-kid of our friends Lisa and Vinny. This guy is no stranger to the camera. He has appeared in commercials, so he was ready for thePuparazzi. However, like an indulged child, he was allowed to be a bit naughty, and like any naughty child, taught our guys some tricks to keep their parents on our toes. Thanks to Jack, our Hogan (see 4/27/10 post) now knows how to steal things out of the refrigerator. (It was asparagus, if you must know. Hogan LOVES asparagus-really!)

But naughty dogs are often among the cutest, and Jack certainly is a cutie pie. We love him in spite of his flaws.


Just Jack