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Yes, Dogs Do Smile

There is no mistaking the face of a happy dog. Just like people, dogs have a look that just about screams happiness. It starts in eyes, moves to the ears, and then of course to the mouth.  When I was a kid my sister had a dog, named Pucci, who would smile by wrinkling her nose and showing her front teeth. It resembled a growl, except that her eyes gave her away. Good thing, too. Her favorite pastime was riding the school bus with my sister, the bus driver. Everyone loved her, for sure.

It had been quite a while since I saw a dog smile as obviously as Pucci did, but that the 2009 Cutchogue Canine Classic, I captured a shot of a Pomeranian that actually gave me a Mona Lisa smile. Every time I see the image, I wonder what she is really thinking…What do you think she has on her mind?

Pomeranian with a Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa smile for the camera

Countdown to the Cutchogue Canine Classic

Only six days left until the Cutchogue Canine Classic at Castello di Borghese  Vineyard, and we are buzzing the excitement here at ThePuparazzi. Like last year, we will have our mobile pet photo studio ready for action with $10 pet portraits while you wait. So give Fido and Fifi a bath, and bring them down to the Classic and stop by to say hello before you enter the competition.

All this week, we will be posting some of our favorite images from last year’s gang, so check back again!

Click here for more information on the Cutchogue Canine Classic

Classic Photo for Monday

Cutchogue Canine Classic 2009-Dalmation

Let’s Honor Pet Moms Today, Too

As I write this, Mother’s Day 2010 is in full swing, with florists, restaurants and greeting card shops all tallying up sales made in honor of our favorite ladies.¬† And despite the commercialism that pervades this day and the run-up to it, it is so fitting that we have designated a day to honor the women who gave us life, changed our diapers, wiped our noses and nurtured us into adulthood. It’s a tough job, and someone has to do it. <grin> So don’t let the day pass without saying thank you to your Mom.

But there are also countless women who do not answer to the call of Mom, Mommy, Mother, Ma, Mama, etc… Yet, these women have made sacrifices that are similar to traditional motherhood. Sleepless nights, cleaning up pooh and pee, making special meals, teaching their wards manners, keeping them groomed and the list goes on. And like traditional motherhood, their sacrifices are tempered with many rewards. A sloppy kiss, and boisterous hug, and pride for a well-mannered adult.

If you, dear reader, have ever reared a puppy, kitten, bunny, or other furry friend, they you know where I am heading with this. Caring for babies, be they human or other, is hard work. Every woman who has successfully nurtured another living being into adulthood should be very proud of her accomplishment.

So today, as I express my gratitude to every mother who met the challenge of a parenthood, I also wish to express my appreciation to the “pet moms” who care so well for their furry, fuzzy and feathered babies, too.

Well done Mom!

Hate Puppy Mills? Wear It On Your Sleeve

Who doesn’t love puppies? Such little bundles of furry fun. They are so hard to resist, and unscrupulous breeders know this and capitalize on it by running puppy mills that churn out these babies to sell at pet stores, on the internet and even in the back of vans. Yes, folks, that adorable puppy gazing at you from a store front in your local mall is very likely the product of a puppy mill where female dogs are caged their entire lives to breed litter after litter. It’s bad for the puppy, and it’s inhumane for the mama dog.

But this isn’t a post about the atrocities of puppy mills. Do a Google search and you’ll find countless articles that can explain it much better than I. Today I am sharing a cute bracelet I came across on the web that allows you to wear your feelings about puppy mills on your wrist. And, it’s made from reclaimed tires, so it’s eco-friendly, too.

I found it this item through Fido Friendly magazine’s post on Twitter (@FIDOfriendly), and I wanted to share it with you today. Check it out here. Part of the proceed go to Best Friends Animal Society.

Since Oprah did a entire show on puppy mills in 2007, I have notice the dog loving world working harder to close them down. What have you or your group done to support this effort? Please let tell us.

Meditation for MooKoo

MooKoo, a Kishu Ken, is thePurazzi Pic today. Like the Akita and Shiba Inu, the Kishu Ken is a breed that originated in Japan. And like the Japanese culture, these dogs tend to have reserved, calm temperaments. That is certainly the case with MooKoo, who greeted me politely, and then went about her business as though I wasn’t there. As the pet parent to two exuberant labrador retrievers, this lack of interest in me was rather disconcerting. But it gave me a very valuable opportunity to observe MooKoo being MooKoo so I could capture the essence of her personality.

By the time the lights and tripod were set-up and we were ready to begin, MooKoo had decided I was worthy of her friendship, and signified her acceptance of me with a gentle kiss on my hand. I felt truly honored. Her serenity was like a walk through a Zen Garden.


MooKoo-Kishu Ken