ThePuparazzi FAQ

Judy’s pets are full-fledged members of her family. She often says that a family story is incomplete unless the pets are in the picture too. Fine pet photography is an art unto itself, calling for a photographer who can bring out the best in our furry and feathered friends.  Judy has spent her life with a camera in her hand while in the company of dogs, cats, birds and a menagerie of rescued wild critters. So she knows how relax your pet to let her personality shine through.


How is a pet portrait session different from a standard portrait session?

A pet session is very similar to a family portrait session, except we trade the people for the pets. If your pet is well-behaved, we recommend you plan to include them in your family portrait session (see the Portraiture Info page for details). There are some extra considerations needed for a successful pet sessions as you’ll see in the rest of the questions below…

My cat has never left the house, and my dog hates the car. Will you come to my home for the session?

We will go to whatever location you have selected for your pet photography session.  Cats in particular are most comfortable at home, and dogs often do best in their favorite playtime locations.

My pet hides from strangers. What do we do then?

Like people, sometimes a pet just needs to feel comfortable around the stranger in order to make friends. Judy will take some time, and use a few bribes, to allow the pet to get to know her, and become accustomed to the camera and lights.

How should I prepare my pet?

Like sessions with young children, your pet will set the tone of our time together. It is helpful if your dog has had a chance earlier in the day to burn off some excess energy, but try not to exercise immediately before the session. This will avoid the panting and fat tongue syndrome that often follows heavy exertion. Also, if your dog or cat is food-motivated then holding off on a meal or treats for a couple of hours prior to the session will make her more attentive when we use treats to get her attention. And of course, if your pet has any favorite toys or other items, bring them along so we can incorporate them into the photos. This is about showing your furry friend’s personality, and a favorite toy is a great way to bring out her best.

Will I be in the picture too?

We absolutely hope you will plan to be in a few images, so please dress accordingly.  Our tips for dressing for a portrait session will help you decide what to wear.

My dog’s favorite place is the beach. Can we do the session there?

Beach photos in the light of early morning or late afternoon are some of the finest images to be found. So of course we can go to the beach, weather permitting. Also, we do recommend avoiding the middle of the day when the sun light is the strongest and least pleasing for photographs of anything, including pets.

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