Audubon Society

The folks here at the Puparazzi, Vivid Visions Pet Pix and Vivid Visions Photo-Graphics ascribe to the philosophy that we should tread lightly on nature so it will be here for future generations to enjoy.  In these days of Climate Change awareness, we are certainly not alone. This philosophy is really an extension of our Green Business Strategy.

As photographers, such a philosophy makes sense. The beautiful seascapes, landscapes and other natural vistas provide the backdrop for our photographs.

As animal lovers, this philosophy is a moral imperative. We share this planet with so many other creatures, and we are just now understanding how each species plays an important role in the ecosystem that supports life on all levels.

In the spring of 2010, we put our money where our mouth is, and joined the North Fork Chapter of the National Audubon Society in monitoring nesting sites of Piping Plovers on Long Island’s North Fork. We will be posting periodically about our observations, and sharing photographs for everyone to enjoy.

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